Recovering Perfectionist vs REWIRED Perfectionist (lessons from Perfectionist CEO)
April 02, 2024

Recovering Perfectionist vs REWIRED Perfectionist (lessons from Perfectionist CEO)

Discover the extraordinary scientifically proven benefits of rewiring your perfectionism with special guest and former #recovering perfectionist, CEO Dylan. Plus the hidden costs of unchecked perfectionism and how it's sucking the life out of you (literally). 

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Listen to the Full episode to Hear:

  1. How to harmonize your high standards with a high-stakes career and transform your perfectionistic drive into a source of strength and resourcefulness.
  2. Why rewiring your perfectionism creates breakthroughs in perception and efficiency, empowering you to approach challenges with curiosity and creativity.
  3. Uncover the reasons why perfectionists often overwork yet remain oblivious to their own underperforming, and how you can develop a keen sense of self-awareness to break free from this cycle of striving and self-criticism.


 00:00-The Perfectionist's Dilemma: Chasing Satisfaction
01:55-Meet Dylan: Seeing Problems Everywhere
03:37-Overworking To Distract From Self-Criticism
06:19-Interoceptive Awareness Shifts Anxious to Excited
08:04-IRL Rewired Perfectionist Success: Dylan's Journey Continues
09:47-Why Achievements Feel Empty and How to Change That
10:12-Science of Feeling Good: Dopamine and Serotonin Explained
11:55-Building Emotional Agility and Resilience
15:24-How Rewired Perfectionism Enhances Mental Focus + Confidence
17:59-Courageously Running Towards vs Fearfully Running Away
21:53-Dropping contempt and judgment that blocks change


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