Self Critic Screams: What Your Body Is Dying To Tell You
March 25, 2024

Self Critic Screams: What Your Body Is Dying To Tell You

What if your self critic is actually a caring signal from your unconscious, warning you of danger ahead + to get off this path? Your self critic is not the enemy; it's an alarm bell from your body. But it's near impossible to listen to it with all the NOISE + stigma surrounding criticism, self-love and self-compassion. Discover the health consequences of self-criticism and lessons from pro-athlete perfectionist who finally figured it out. This is the third episode in the self-criticism trilogy. 

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Ep. 214 Timestamps

02:04-The Iceberg of Self-Criticism

03:27-Why Traditional Self Critic Approaches Fail Perfectionists

04:37-Lessons From Pro-Athlete Perfectionism Optimized Client

07:07-Link Between Cancer + Inner Critic

08:02-From Criticism to Critical Condition IRL

09:11-Making the Choice to Change 

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