Perfectionism is the New ADHD
April 27, 2024

Perfectionism is the New ADHD

Fighting against yourself IS playing life on torture mode AND entirely OPTIONAL. Most solutions for overcoming perfectionism suck. They're not empowering, efficient or any FUN, plus research shows Overcoming Perfectionism simply *doesn’t work*when you are driven, ambitious, caring, high-performer. That’s WHY I’m revealing how you can take your frustrating perfectionistic tendencies—like catastrophizing, people-pleasing and overthinking— and remix them with refreshingly practical perspectives from our neurodiversity neighbor, ADHD. 


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Perfectionism Rewired podcast is brought to you by America's leader on rewiring perfectionism, Courtney Love Gavin (CLG) and is committed to neuroscience truth + accuracy through a perfectionist affirming lens.

WTF does Perfectionist Affirming mean? Perfectionist affirming is an empowered view where perfectionistic tendencies are not seen as deficits to be “fixed” - no victims, powerlessness or fighting against. Instead your perfectionism is leveraged to work for you. Part of neurodiversity movement that sees humans as uniquely wired individuals who all experience the world differently.


Truth + Accuracy In Episode 220 Is Brought To You By:

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