Upgrade Compartmentalize for Confidence
June 05, 2024

Upgrade Compartmentalize for Confidence

Feel like you’re carrying the weight of the world? You want to be a present parent, crush it at work, keep it fresh with your partner, call your bestie back and drink your water, BUT when you compartmentalize and be whoever you need to be to get the result, you end up exhausted. Say goodbye to the exhausting cycle of squishing yourself to fit in. Trade being contrived for exuding confidence, with the only sustainable solution for ambitious perfectionistic people. Plus hear about that one time CLG sharted in her jumpsuit🤣


On paper, you’ve got it together— isn’t it time you felt like it? Whether it's becoming much more DECISIVE in everything you do, PRESENCE with your family or turning down the volume on self-criticism, Perfectionism Optimized, private 1-1 coaching gives you the life-long skills to exude confidence in each + every part of your life and *finally feel* as amazing on the inside as your life looks on the outside. Get your stress-free start today at https://courtneylovegavin.com/optimized


Sneaky Peek at What You'll Learn In This Episode:

  • Why compartmentalizing parts of yourself leads to burnout, disconnection and resentment in your relationships.
  • How to be grounded and solid in who are, without the wishy-washy contorting yourself to meet external expectations.
  • Giving yourself permission to experience joy without conditions

Perfectionism is very powerful. But only if you know how to leverage it. For more on optimizing your perfectionism go to courtneylovegavin.com

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