On Vacation, Can't Relax
June 12, 2024

On Vacation, Can't Relax

Feeling like you can't relax on vacation? As perfectionists the way we relax is completely different than other people. Learn why and how to start relaxing on your own terms.

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Listen To The Full Episode To Learn:

  • Why You Can't Relax on Vacation
  • Step-by-step to stop putting pressure on yourself
  • How to cultivate the skill of relaxing

Episode 225 Timestamps:
00:00-Why Perfectionists Struggle to Relax on Vacation
01:45-Athleticism of Relaxing: Training Your Mind to Unwind
05:41-How can I clear my mind and relax
06:50-Dissolve Pressure and Anxiety While Relaxing
08:53-Getting an A+ in Relaxing as a Perfectionist

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