How to Prevent Passing Anxiety on to Your Kids
June 22, 2024

How to Prevent Passing Anxiety on to Your Kids

Signs you’re programming your kids for anxiety without knowing it, how children pick up anxiety from perfectionistic parents, why traditional methods like therapy are 15x slower at achieving results, what *actually works* for caring, busy, perfectionist parents who want a physiology of excellence and how developing a physiology of excellence gives you unrivaled resilience, presence, and emotional intelligence


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Preventing passing of anxiety to your kids starts with understanding how your own physiology affects theirs. Children are always parroting you, especially how you carry worry, anxiety and guilt. Making it vital to learn how to metabolize your emotions efficiently with daily practices instead of shutting down or sweeping it under the rug. Learn how implementing a daily hygiene practice, like the patented E.P.I.C. Skills framework, you free up energy for what matters most and create a healthier environment for your whole family.


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