From Pushing Through To Presence (lessons from perfectionist architect)
June 13, 2024

From Pushing Through To Presence (lessons from perfectionist architect)

Racing through your days on hyper-speed but still not present for any of it? Discover how high-achieving architect Jessica went from pushing through "everything will be better once..." to being present during the most challenging time of her life, her mother’s passing. Hear from Jessica how Perfectionism Optimized coaching gave her the tools to stop the worry/wish cycle, metabolize her stress an handle excruciating times with confidence and grace, and why it's "the best thing I've ever done for myself, I think, in my entire life."


On paper, you’ve got it together— isn’t it time you felt like it? Whether it's becoming much more DECISIVE in everything you do, PRESENCE with your family on vacation or turning down the volume on self-criticism, Perfectionism Optimized, private 1-1 coaching gives you the life-long skills to *finally feel* as amazing on the inside as your life looks on the outside. Get your stress-free start today at


Episode 226 Timestamps:
00:41-Pushing Through: Super Ineffective Perfectionistic Strategy
01:32-Recognizing Pushing Through in Your Own Life
03:00-The Exhausting Game of "Whack a Mole"
04:54-Chasing the Illusion of "Once It Gets Better"
05:54-Living in Fast Forward or Slow Motion
07:58-Being Present For Meaningful Moments
09:04-Fueling Fierce Ambition in a Grounded Way
10:53-How To Be More Present

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