Fascia: The Missing Puzzle Piece for Perfectionists
June 19, 2024

Fascia: The Missing Puzzle Piece for Perfectionists

Fascia is the Wi-Fi of your insides, with over 250 million sensory receptors weaving through its matrix - it’s how emotions are made and where we feel our sensations, instincts and intuition. But if you tend to overthink, ruminate, catastrophize or stress out, you're compromising your fascia which impacts your body's ability to function optimally + think clearly. Discover why fascia is the missing puzzle piece for perfectionists and how to detect if there's dead zones in your own fascial network- where your sensations, instincts and intuition intersect. 


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01:38-The Role of Fascia in Mental Clarity and Confidence
02:10-Where fascia is found and its impact on your body
03:03-Fascia's Role in Breaking Generational Belief Patterns
04:06-How fascia sends and receives information at the speed of light
05:01-Wi-Fi of your Insights + Intuition
06:10-What Skin is to Touch, Fascia is to Your Feelings
07:25-How To 10x Your Emotional Intelligence
09:18-The flexibility of fascia for quick improvements
10:15-Benefits of upgrading your fascia's communication system.


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