How To Let Go Of Perfectionism
June 09, 2023

How To Let Go Of Perfectionism

Perfectionists tend to get trapped in the confines of impossible standards, burdened by the weight of unrealistic expectations. This maladaptive perfectionism takes a toll on our mental health, leaving us overwhelmed with anxiety even when we successfully achieve our goals. Listen in on a very candid conversation with my client KB as she shares her personal journey of taking the courageous first step towards rewiring her perfectionistic tendencies. 

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Through KB's inspiring story, you'll discover stress-free ways to overcome perfectionism with grace, openness and allow yourself to embrace growth and learn from every experience (yes even making mistakes). Gain valuable insights into your own perfectionist tendencies, learn new practical personal growth tools you can start using today and how to cultivate a calm, more fulfilling life, while being true to yourself. 

Inside this episode on letting go of perfectionism:

  • Allowing yourself to look at unrealistic expectations sans shame
  • Making mistakes (and being okay)
  • First step to letting impossible standards go
  • unLearning your unique perfectionist tendencies
  • Ways to prioritize your mental health

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