How to Harmonize Striving For Excellence w/ A High-Stakes Career
May 11, 2024

How to Harmonize Striving For Excellence w/ A High-Stakes Career

Feeling Clenchy? Discover the truth about what *really* happens when you let go of rigid rules that've made you super successful. I'm giving you the uncensored inside scoop on exactly wha happened when I stopped fisting, opened up to new possibilities and began to surf my own ocean--my achieving + energy increased 80%!!!!! If you're exhausted or feel like it's always something, this episode will give you the fuel to rise up. 

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Sneaky Peek at What You'll Learn In This Episode:

  • Why wayyy too often perfectionists overwork while oblivious to our own underperforming (aka sunk cost fallacy)
  • How to know if you're fisting
  • Where you can go to get unrivaled support designed specifically for high performance people who want to feel good again without sacrificing

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