Going From Good To Great + Great to Excellence
April 28, 2023

Going From Good To Great + Great to Excellence

Gay Hendricks calls this your "upper limit" your internal barometer for how much joy, success and satisfaction you allow yourself to experience as an overachiever. Discover the 7 signs that you're not allowing yourself to fully experience life's pleasures and blocking yourself from truly enjoying your life to the fullest.

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Inside This Episode You'll Learn:

00:00:00-Introduction and "The Perfectionist Guide" newsletter.

00:01:32-UnderstandingYour Upper Limit and Havingness level

00:03:15-How to reset and increase your Havingness level

00:04:16-Underearning and overworking.

00:05:05-Clutter and disorganization.

00:05:48-Being overly critical of yourself and others.

00:07:16-Starting but not finishing projects.

00:09:29-Overconsumption without enjoyment.

00:10:09-Intimacy issues.

00:10:59-Discomfort with compliments.

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