From Seeking Right Answers to Pursuing the Correct Ones for YOU
January 14, 2024

From Seeking Right Answers to Pursuing the Correct Ones for YOU

 Discover why compulsively seeking more information to solve perfectionistic problems is actually self-sabotage and how you can upgrade obsessively finding the right answers to playfully pursuing the correct ones FOR YOU. Plus how to know when searching for the perfect way to fix yourself is secretly holding you back and the 5 hidden dangers all driven high-performers want to be aware of.


Tired of waiting for “things to calm down” so you can FEEL better? Whether it's becoming much more DECISIVE in everything you do, the ability to fall asleep without obsessing over your to do list or PRESENCE with your family (no more catastrophizing) When you decide to rewire your perfectionistic tendencies through private 1-1 coaching, you gain the EPIC SKILLS that LIBERATE you from intrusive thoughts, self-sabotage and put you back in charge. Get your stress-free start today at


Sneaky Peek at What You'll Learn In This Episode:

  • Costumes procrastination and self-sabotage wear when you’re a perfectionist or high performer
  • My high-performance strategy for effectively absorbing and implementing vital new information
  • Why accumulating more information kills your progress + potential for growth


Featured On Episode 201:


Perfectionism Rewired Ep. 201 Timestamps:

00:00-Letting Go of Obsession with Finding the Right Answers

01:38-Iceberg Analogy of Perfectionism

02:10-Limitations of a Checklist Approach To Fixing Yourself

03:03-The Pitfalls of Overvaluing Knowledge

04:06-Procrastination + Self-Sabotage in Disguise

05:01-Integrating + Implementing Wisdom

06:10-The 3X Approach to Consuming Information

07:25-Mindful Consumption of Knowledge

09:18-Redefining Your Core Identity

10:15-Overcoming Self-Sabotage


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