Client Interview with Margot Van’t Rood: Choosing How You Want To Show Up In The World
May 27, 2022

Client Interview with Margot Van’t Rood: Choosing How You Want To Show Up In The World

Listen in to hear precisely what happens when you decide to go ALL IN and start betting on yourself from 1 to 1 coaching client Margot and how she continues to create meaningful results in her personal growth, presence, peace, and prosperity, all while avoiding burnout.

Discover Margot’s secret weapons: self-compassion and acceptance. Engage in this authentic and transformative conversation that leaves no stone unturned. Gain insights into the often overlooked details that truly make a difference. Uncover what it takes to navigate the challenges of stopping people-pleasing and facing others’ anger. Learn how to confidently handle significant financial investments. Harness the power of your emotions to guide you, disregarding the noise of your busy mind. Get ready to be inspired as you witness Margot’s journey of transformation, filled with unwavering confidence and relentless determination.

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