Believing You Are Valuable + Deserve to Take Up Space: Client Interview with Margot Van’t Rood
June 01, 2022

Believing You Are Valuable + Deserve to Take Up Space: Client Interview with Margot Van’t Rood

Today I’m joined today by my client Margot Van’t Rood where she shares how her experience with coaching led to a deep internal self-generated safety and ability to take up space. You’ll hear her say “Now I feel that I am valuable. I have value and it's not dependent on what I do. I'm not valuable because I did the dishes and I cleaned the room and I did these things. I am valuable. Period. Full stop.”

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An internal sense of safety is built from recognizing your authentic power and trusting there is an unwavering well of support and guidance within you. It starts with honoring and appreciating your true authentic self, committing to the deep work and bravely accepting being in the now.

I love how Margot describes some people's hesitation with coaching because we don't want anyone to know we don’t have it all figured out but in reality, we all have unique yet similar experiences and it's all part of our humanness. Coaches are here to show you your blind spots and guide you to where you desire to grow.

Through her own growth, Margot discovered that part of her work here in this lifetime is to help guide others to a life of simplicity and share her own journey of shedding all the things weighing her down.

You'll absolutely love this conversation. It’s time to quiet the self-doubting voices in your head so that You too can feel empowered and find satisfying, simplified success. 

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